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One more OH MY GOD please

That one I call Fatman(205lb) I want to do the one for Ribbon(175lb) now.

P.S. There's baby Gorilla with his knee back behind his back on 1-12-09 Express a product of Washington Post. No relation. I the guy that wanted me to cut my hair for The Hair Ape still alive do you think.

David I didn't know what ever happened to you. I knew you were from back east. I remember you talking in a manor that would indicate that setting off make it on the Great White Way with what we might know wasn't going to happen. It was fun it was good. I used the 4 count leg and 8 count body movement for a few dance steps at the local disc.

Too fast to dance to NO.

Rodger Pardee made it to California. He said not in this fashion that things weren't going well for you. Since his arrival they have added many professors in what is now a department. 2005 or later.

In 1998 someone from LIncoln said The people who did this (STAR WARS) are dead just forget about it. Later many people claimed effort. Some said they should be seen. ETC.

It's now even been supposed that this was to pay many who have been wronged by them.

Many hopping to be discovered but not uncovered.

Many trying to be discovered put out and effort before considering things that earn them a uncovered nature.

In Lincoln now it's tell us what some one was doing so we can figure out who to still use you. They have talked and it has spead.

They are not it and they haven't cared. Who was.

To include our nations capital. Using what has no business doing it. To cover for them selves and others. Hopping to see some reaction that says they must be right in some way. Time and no action only one person being bothered or bothering to do anything.

A natural write in would have been Congressman Brad Condit. But he left Washington D. C. under a cloud. The body was found with no marks on it. Toyed with laid down and died????

How do you get a job here? With some many in need of one. Usually you need friends.

Rodger Pardee has a part in a story with me. After that first semester of mine. He asked some very important questions to the story.

I called his Pinto Wagon the Falcon for the new millennium. He said about my Mustang II Mach 1 later this is nothing but a glorified falcon too. I replied by showing him how fast it was. This started back in that semester with him call my car then a hunk of junk.

Don't worry you not anywhere near the worst part of that semester. I got an F in my 6 hour English Class.

I spend the following spring handling around 20 foot 4 in by 5 in beam to be made into electric pole cross arms. About the size of the huge what ever Princess Lea says what is this doing in here on the STAR WARS MOVIE CARDs. In the dumpster.

I would have to say Professor Morgan liked me. Probably for use. I was in Stage Diction class till I dropped out. He noted my deep voice. And I one point he mentioned I had a stong syllabant S. He said no don't worry about yours.

I balked and went up when asked to read for the part of the Barker in Brecks Ui. When he used you for the barker I wondered if he had used you a instructor incase I said it was stupid of me. You have your talents and your propose was to develope your students.

Your sense of heaviness for the barker was based on arobic. Mine would have be have been anaerobic or muscle fatigue. I know now I right for the wrong reason. If your being straved you can never maintain your muscles. It's like being half way through a work out. But then my Big Daddy would be better now that I've had a hernia. I was at a lose there because I ignored pain and went on to much. Football. Didn't pay attention to how it felt. I didn't argue.

I had existed most of my senior year being ignored. And loving every minite of it. I naive stupidy I took on the part of Bill Sykes in Oliver. The guy who tried and got the part quit. The treacher asked me to sing I aah did. He in a honest shock said aaaH he can. When it came to singing it I belted it out more like Lee Marvin in Paint your wagon. I was expecting instrution or direstion in what to do. But when I got there I was asked what would do you want to do. He wanted some action out of my character in my first scene. Ah I jump off the table and punch a big kid in the stomach and he falls down out of sight. He asked hooow. Well I'll do the fake punch I tage people with as a warning and then push him down with that hand. I won't hurt him. They got a matrice for him to fall on. He watch from the stage.

One thing I didn't like was when I hit the floor my legs were to bent to really throw a good punch. I needed to be only crouched or in postion to throw the punch.

I practiced that part fake punching was NNNNatural.

It was about here that I realised I was being asked because the last guy quit and he wanted me to be at ease with what I was doing.

Effort on the part of others must be returned.

During a rehearsal they were taking about ducking when I jump over those sitting at the table. I said don't duck. More of a there he goes again. Maybe look or don't even bother look but don't stare. Still mad?

Like it was real? What would tick you off.

I strangled Nancy and got shot on stage. Fagan came out and sang his song while I lay there.

Reviews I came to the record third show to watch you die. I thought I could see you breath since you were running. Tuff crowd.

The last night I fell face down an my nose top of my head was off the raised platform. My mouth flat against the floor. I had to breath that time just through my nose only.

They teased me about it and I grew num to it so. I listed it as my major in college. I had a full load of classes and lost everyone. Professer Baldwin pusher me into every thearter class he could to fill my load.

Only if needed.

Going back throught that time and other things has swirded up a prefect storm. I have taken to writing what I like to.

It was to be a Radio drama with me doing all the voices. Are Worlds At War? Thing happen over night but what or who or why? I made up an old character that is some what powerful and gave it to him. He has a wife and I did. He is based on my thoughs from thinking about Professor Morgan. He doesn't care what people think. He'll roar but when he talks he a little to uncaring how he speaks. There is a character reffered to as Lineman. He is due to Barbara Ann of the Beach Boys which once had Glenn Campbell filling in for Brain Love and talking about Glenn Campbell with Rodge Pardee. Hence the Wichita Lineman. A fairly high breathy voice. Spends time OUT BY himself singing in the truck riding around. Happy as could BE. All the big cities gone, no problem. Hi I'm Lineman. NOT a care in the world. We've got power we''l be ok. I put Sylvester Stallone in it with "his boy". I have a daughter I know how she she's not happey, her sister is dead. Sylvester talks likes he talks like he talks. His boy talks like Sylvester the cats boy. He's telling him to just relax. He is just going sit there and let him loosen up and relax. He spouts off once and it works. Her mother would know. I put in a woman who I'd all most talked to once. I the script I talked to her once or twice. She was the closest person to the lead character. I now wish to thank her because when she walked away the other girl from Lincoln walked away with her. That saved a lot of time. There is an important point in starting writing or writing. I did that person no harm. It is a shame she never married? It touched me would it you? I gave her a big tragic one. That is really over for both of us. No play. Everybody reacts to her. See is to everybody. You have to feel something for all the characters. The main character's just recovering his nerves from watching L.A. be distroyed. She is the most educated and level headed person he gets to talks to. My world was destroyed. That's sad she never married. The rest of you? What I can feel. Can you write?* (For More Read Below)

One of that states favorites from my home town hand snakes when I was a kid.

A whole aquarium tank full. Most little baby one. So light you could feel them if they were on your clothes. More than you could keep an I on.

One of the brothers gave me one. Another brother accidently killed it. Poor littler snake. But I don't like SNAKES. A SNAKE OK. BUT NOT SNAKES!!!

Is that worth noting if you need something no ones thought of yet?

How do you say. We can't pay you if we look like NAZIs.

You trouble.

It's not here or not there it's in space, space. It doesn't need you for anything to go wrong.

David Bell Bob L. Petersen Rodger Pardee Stunted Slimoid your not the right tall guy. I have relation in up state New York around where Ben Burtt came from. He is the head of sound for George W. Lucas.

David Bell Bob L. Petersen Rodger Pardee

One of the last characters added was that of Walter Cronkite. New York is lost to something I won't mention here. And they went out and set up a little one room studio in Walter Cronkite basement. There he is to send out when he can encourging statements.

Walter Cronkite: I hate to have tell you Dan Rather is dead. They flew him out of New York like they've been doing to put him in the middle of it and he's dead. People right now we all have loses that are affecting us. It's a confussion of emotion about what never will happen and what might. I am now up in my home in the basement. I a little studio they have set up. We have a kitchen set up down here and our bedroom. If it's warm we can go upstairs. With all that's happen I'm happy down here. I go upstairs and evrythings where I left it. We must adjust to what has happened as best as we can. I'm supposed to be giving part of the news from here for radio for now everyday. Please join me when you can.