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A first poem for these pages On Sabbatical Will answer Contact
Nothing for somebody something nobody does. Good or Bad Who knows Arnold Schwarzenegger VS. BAD The old Bob the Evil Bob who's true stories True Lies And Total Recall More what is required to be bad

name or description of image

One more OH MY GOD please

P.S. There's baby Gorilla with his knee back behind his back on 1-12-09 Express a product of Washington Post. No relation. I the guy that wanted me to cut my hair for The Hair Ape still alive do you think.

That one I call Fatman I want to do the one for Ribbon now.

David didn't know what ever happened to you. I knew you were from back east. Had been around the Great White Way.

Rodger Pardee made it to California. He said not in this fashion that things weren't going well for you.

He has a part in a story with me. After that first symester of mine. Don't worry you not anywhere near the worst part.

One of that states favorites from my home town hand snakes when I was a kid.

A whole tank full. More than you could keep an I on.

One of the brothers gave me one. Another brother accidently killed it. Poor littler snake. But I don't like SNAKES. A SNAKE OK. BUT NOT SNAKES!!!

Is that worth noting?

How do you say. We can't pay you if we look like NAZIs.

You trouble.

It's not here or not there it's in space, space. It doesn't need you for anything to go wrong.

David Bell Bob L. Petersen Rodger Pardee Stunted Slimoid your not the right tall guy. I have relation in up state New York around where Ben Burtt came from. He is the head of sound for George W. Lucas.