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Index For Lookingfora
A first poem for these pages On Sabbatical Will answer Contact
Something to do that nobody does.
Are You Good or Bad Who knows
Arnold Schwarzenegger VS. BAD That's the old Bob the Evil who's true stories actually I said I killed him now they don't like True Lies
And Total Recall
Now though I'm required to be bad

An insert Lincoln said me and Rodger Pardee where the dance version. I didn't stop to think that they might have made a joke out of the whole state. It's hard to threat as being stupid.(1998)

Their Own Idiots So They Could Say They'd Created One Better For Everyone. They have become the BOB they wanted me to be. That's right shut up and sit down. Their are real people doing real things.

It was to be a Radio drama with me doing all the voices. Are Worlds At War? Thing happen over night but what or who or why? I made up an old character that is some what powerful and gave it to him. He has a wife and I did. He is based on my thoughs from thinking about Professor Morgan. He doesn't care what people think. He'll roar but when he talks he a little to uncaring how he speaks. His wife believe he will handle everything and has her plan to help by growing gardens. And has went into town to buy up what she can. The cowboys who work for him are getting wild ideas about the importance. He'll handle it. It's a physco drama. Jim Morrison is used as on of the cowboys. He say, "Remember when we went to Africa". Low sweet and smooth. There is a character reffered to as Lineman. He is due to Barbara Ann of the Beach Boys which once had Glenn Campbell filling in for Brain Love and talking about Glenn Campbell with Rodge Pardee. Hence the Wichita Lineman. A fairly high breathy voice. Spends time OUT BY himself singing in the truck riding around. Happy as could BE. All the big cities gone, no problem. Hi I'm Lineman. NOT a care in the world. We've got power we'll be ok. All this Reader the main character has to put in it's proper place in his head. The listen does to. (For More If You Plan To Read It All See Below)

I put Sylvester Stallone in it with "his boy". I have a daughter I know how she she's not happey, her sister is dead. Sylvester talks likes he talks like he talks. His boy talks like Sylvester the cats boy. He's telling him to just relax. He is just going sit there and let him loosen up and relax. He spouts off once and it works. Her mother would know. I put in a woman who I'd all most talked to once. I the script I talked to her once or twice. She was the closest person to the lead character. I now wish to thank her because when she walked away the other girl from Lincoln walked away with her. That saved a lot of time. There is an important point in starting writing or writing. I did that person no harm. It is a shame she never married? It touched me would it you? I gave her a big tragic one. That is really over for both of us. No play. Everybody reacts to her. See is to everybody. You have to feel something for all the characters. The main character's just recovering his nerves from watching L.A. be destroyed. She is the most educated and level headed person he gets to talks to. My world was destroyed. That's sad she never married. The rest of you? What I can feel. Can you write?* One of the last characters added was that of Walter Cronkite. New York is lost to something I won't mention here. And they went out and set up a little one room studio in Walter Cronkite basement. There he is to send out when he can encourging statements.

David Bell their bring their replacement back Bob Kerry. Since everyones just standing around the toliet.